Rachel Nixon is a photographer and visual artist who approaches everyday settings with a fresh eye to find both beauty and discomfort in the familiar. 

Using strategies such as multiple exposure, fragmentation and abstraction, Nixon develops visual narratives tackling themes such as secrecy, isolation and a desire for connection with the outside world. Her urban exploration and street photography seeks out scenes that others may miss and looks for humour in daily life. Throughout her work runs a deep appreciation for colour and structure.

Nixon recently graduated with honours from the VanArts professional photography program in Vancouver, Canada. Before moving full-time into visual art, Nixon had a successful 20-year career as a journalist and news executive in the UK, US and Canada for organizations including the BBC, CBC and Microsoft where she developed and ran digital news services. Her passion for storytelling, love of innovation and drive for excellence now extend to her visual work.

A British-Canadian citizen, Nixon holds a first class honours degree from the University of Oxford in Modern Languages and Literature. She loves to travel and is passionate about many forms of art, especially music. Nixon finds inspiration in the urban and natural beauty of Vancouver, where she calls home.

She is available for exhibits, commissions and prints. Reach her at hello@rachelnixon.com